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The Log House

Home getaway from the chaos that cities can sometimes be, wood built house (THE LOG HOUSE) can definitely be an haven of tranquility, located on the hills of Mussoorie, set above 6000 meters above sea level. 


Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is a notable one tourist attraction. this is where you get to see an unmatchable view of the Himalayas with darker dense woods. It has a breathtaking sight with a white angles masterpiece. Also lying there is an observation tower with telescopes that gives you better and clearer views of the Himalayas. Its located at Landover area in Depot hills. 

Lake Mist

A beautiful sight to behold, enveloped with beautiful greenly color, a small lake which has a beautiful picnic spot with peaceful surrounding, with few waterfalls which can be located nearby adding to its natural beauty. Tourists indulge in going a boat ride with friends and families or choose to walk along the lakeside. It is about 5km from Kempty falls. This lake mist showcase nature in an exquisite manner.

Kempty Falls

It is located on the hilly tracks of Uttarakhand on it lies a green valley, 13km from Mussoorie with a gigantic fall from the rocks and milky white water bouncing off the rocks and falling into a manmade hole from a height of 50 feet flowing through five cascading falls. Listening to the vitality sounds of the rushing waters mingling with enchantments of the falls and excitement of the cheering visitors makes it enthralling.

Cloud's End

Cloud’s End is 7.5km away from Mussoorie library road lie the cloud’s end. The beauty of the views makes its exciting. It offers peace and tranquility with the enthralling inhabiting mountains beauty in the midst of the tall conifers. It is covered with irregular scattered oak and pine forest which emanates nature. It serves as a geographical landmark end of Mussoorie.

Gun Hill

It is the second to the highest peak in the region after Lal Tibba. A canon is fired every afternoon to help the ancient people of the land know the time in the olden days. The Himalayas, Doon valley, Srikantha, Gangotiri etc. can be viewed from this place. It is located 400feet above the mall; this captivating place can be reached through a cable car ropeway. There are also shops where you can relax.

The Mall

The busiest part of the hill station lightening up with laughter and joy, where tourist and the locals get together to chitchat and enjoy culture of the calm and beautiful place. On this same road lie lots of shops, hotels at every nook and cranny, ancient benches where you can seat, relax and take beautiful pictures of the hills and greenly sight and observe the geographical dominance of Mussoorie.

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