Common Bathroom | The Log House

The Log House

Home getaway from the chaos that cities can sometimes be, wood built house (THE LOG HOUSE) can definitely be an haven of tranquility, located on the hills of Mussoorie, set above 6000 meters above sea level. 

Common Bathroom

  • Bathroom Dimension10 x 6

  • Bathroom DetailShower area, washing machine, washbasin, geaser, seated water closet

  • A bathroom with privacy, luxury and extreme sanity conditions,
  • Each bedroom with its bathroom and toilet where all washing and laundry can be done
  • Washing machine for laundry
  • Great amenities like geysers, a large mirror, towel and clothe hanger, showers, and skin and care products. In this also includes a nicely
  • A big traditional like mirror all made up of woods
  • In this bathroom dwells the comfort you can get from any modern bathroom
  • A well seated water closet