Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station located in the state of Uttarakhand of India. Due to its natural beauty and hills, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. There are many attraction points and places in Mussoorie that you can visit with your family and friends. Like the Lal Tibba, Kempty Falls, Lake Mist, The Mall Road, The Company Garden, and many more places. Mussoorie provides you with ample places that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Whenever a person travels he wants to stay at the best hotel or the best place. But finding a good place to stay can be challenging. In that case, you can book a Homestay Mussoorie. A Homestay is a facility in which you get the opportunity to live in the house of a local, which is usually near nature. In this way, you can enjoy nature and also the local traditions and food. You can find a good Homestay in Mussoorie by searching on the Internet. Homestay Online Booking in Mussoorie can be done easily by visiting the website

The Log House is a luxurious Homestay of Mussoorie designed on British Theme Decor that provides with many facilities and also the option of performing many activities with your family and friends while you stay here. If you are looking for the best Homestay in Mussoorie you can go for The Log House. Homestays are a great place to enjoy your vacations with your family and friends. They are even better than hotels. But why should you choose a Homestay over a Hotel? Now we will discuss.

1) Close to Nature- Hotels are usually located in the cities and there is a lot of noise and chaos in the cities. This interferes with the calm and relaxing mood of a holiday. So, taking a Homestay in Mussoorie will keep you away from the noise of the city and will keep you near nature. By staying near nature you would be better able to enjoy your holidays. You will also enjoy many different and beautiful views of nature by staying at Homestays. You can search for a good Homestay by typing Best Homestays in Mussoorie.

2) Enjoy the Local Things- Whenever you stay in a Homestay you get the opportunity to enjoy the local things. You get the chance to live with the local people and enjoy their traditions, food, and their company. This makes your trip, even more, special and memorable. This may not be possible in the case of a Hotel. So, book a Homestay in Mussoorie by searching Best Luxury Homestay in Mussoorie. By doing this you will get various options from which you can choose any Homestay.

3) Many Facilities- Whenever you book a Homestay you get more facilities than a hotel. A Homestay is not only near nature but also has many facilities that will make your stay comfortable and easy. You get the facilities of a Barbeque grill, Laundry Services, Bonfire Facilities, Tv, Refrigerator, WiFi, Car Parking, and many more things. With so many facilities your stay becomes very comfortable and easy.

4) Various Activities- Homestays give you the opportunity to enjoy various activities with your family and friends. These activities include a Barbeque Grill, Fire place, Bonfire Facilities, a Bar Place, Campaigning, and many more activities. This would make your vacations more enjoyable. You can book such Homestays online easily. Homestay Online Booking in Mussoorie should be done beforehand so that you can get a good Homestay to live and avoid the last-minute rush.

5) Easy To Commute- If you wish to visit different places in Mussoorie you can do that easily from a Homestay. Homestays are usually located in a centrally located position that makes it easy to visit different tourist spots. So, staying at a Homestay can make your vacations and your goal of traveling to different places easy. There are different Homestays in Mussoorie located at different locations. You can choose the location that would suit your trip. You can search about different places by typing Best Homestay Near Mall Road, Mussoorie. This search will provide you with various Homestays in Mussoorie that are located on the mall road.

6) Great Design and Looks- The design and looks of a Homestay are usually very good and no one can tell that there is a difference Hotel and a Homestay in terms of looks. Homestays can come in different themes like the British Decor theme. This would give a homestay a very good look and feel. Homestays can be built using different materials but Wood is one material the usage of which has increased in recent times. So, staying in a Homestay can be a stylish thing. You can search for a stylish Homestay by typing the Best Luxury Homestay in Mussoorie and then select the one that looks the best.

7) Affordable- The Home stays are usually very affordable and anyone can afford them. Hotels are usually expensive and can upset the budget of a person. Homestays provide you with many facilities and that also at an affordable price. So, booking a Homestay can be a great idea to save your money and also to enjoy your trip. You can search for a good and affordable Homestay in Mussoorie by typing Best Homestays in Mussoorie. You would get many options to choose from after performing this simple search.

So, these are the various reasons why you should choose a Homestay over a Hotel. Homestays are a perfect choice for enjoying your vacations if you are a nature lover. Homestays are built near the natural surroundings so that the people who stay in the Homestay will enjoy a peaceful and relaxing view. It also provides you with many facilities so that you may never feel that you must have taken a hotel in place of a Homestay. It makes your stay as comfortable as possible. So, go ahead and book a Homestay so that you can enjoy a great vacation with your family and friends.